OUE Twin Peaks



  1. Swimming Pool
  2. Childiren Pool
  3. Jacuzzi
  4. Outdoor BBQ
  5. Tennis Court
  6. Gourmet Dining Suites
  7. Changing Rooms
  8. Steam Room
  9. Outdoor Spa Pool
  10. Entertainment Room
  11. Laundry Rooms
  12. The Sanctuary
  13. The Pavilion
  14. The Garden of Inspiration
  15. Sky Gym with viewing Terrace
  16. Bar @ Sky Loggia

Concierge services are the preserve of posh hotels and an increasing number of high-end residential developments like OUE Twin Peaks.

Developers knowing that there is a growing demand for such personalised services, as increasingly sophisticated tenants, home buyers, and investor are looking into redefine high-end living. 

Good-class serviced apartments provided such services, it is now introducing to private condos and an increasing trend as Singapore starts to get more affluent.

Singaporean and Foreigners enjoy this full range of concierge services, they appreciate having a touch of class that allows a development to differentiate itself.

Singaporean has a high expection of their quality of life and were willing to pay more for the convenience that concierge services offer.

It also enhances the possibility ‘of renting out OUE Twin Peaks to high-budget expats, especially those who might have just moved here, are still unfamiliar with Singapore and would appreciate a concierge assisting them with information.

Some concierge services in residential projects include catering menus for privately held parties, managing restaurant reservations, dog walking and even preparing a family picnic basket.

Overseas Union Enterprise (OUE) chief executive Thio Gim Hock said a full concierge service is not a must-have. However, if it does not bump up monthly maintenance fees too much, it is ‘good to have’ as residents of any development would appreciate it. 

Mr Thio estimates monthly maintenance fees at high-end OUE Twin Peaks project at Leonie Hill to be $300 for a smaller flat and $500 for the biggest unit. 

He describes them as ‘very reasonable’ when combined with the full range of lifestyle facilities, such as gourmet kitchens and sky gyms. 

OUE Twin Peaks, has launched, will include a concierge desk serving as a collection and drop-off point for residents and a concierge manager to help with bookings of movie tickets, air tickets or taxis.

‘They assisted us in directing our guests and helped out with manual tasks like lifting tables for the buffet… On regular days, they would even help with our luggage or shopping bags all the way up to our apartment,’ she added.

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